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  • How far are the mapped driving trails?
    There are 40 miles of mapped driving trails. However, not each trail will bloom each year so please check the current map on the website for more information or call 972-878-4748 or come by the Ennis Welcome Center located at 201 NW Main St. for updated trails and directions. The map stays the same but where the bluebonnets bloom will change each year. Maps will be highlighted accordingly and changed throughout the season.
  • Are all the trails marked with trail signs?
    Most of the state highways are marked but not all the roads are marked on the trails. Please refer to your map and written turn by turn instructions or the interactive map on Ennis Y'all.
  • When can I drive the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails?
    The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails can be driven anytime during the day, from dawn to dusk as these are mapped driving trails in the country. There are parks such as Meadow View Nature Area (opens April 9th) that will have specific times they are open so please check the map for updated information.
  • When is the best time to see the bluebonnets?
    Typically the bluebonnets peak around the 2nd to 3rd week of April. However, this can vary year to year due to weather conditions and terrain. Please check this website or call 972-878-4748 before your visit.
  • I am traveling a long distance. How will I know when the bluebonnets will peak?
    The Ennis Garden Club will drive the trails to check the bloom status each week starting in late March. The Club then reports to the Ennis Welcome Center about the latest status of the bluebonnets so the visitors can be well informed where the best flowers are on the trails at the time of their visit.
  • Where can I pick up a hard copy of the Bluebonnet Trail Map?
    Maps available April 1-30. You can pick up a Bluebonnet Trail Map at the Ennis Welcome Center located at 201 NW Main St, Ennis, Texas 75119. The Ennis Welcome Center is open Monday - Saturday 8am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm; Closed Easter Sunday (March 31). You can also download the free ENNIS Y'ALL mobile app the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail Map, place to shop, dine, upcoming events and more.
  • Are the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails seeded?
    Three parks in Ennis, the Ennis Veterans Memorial Park, Bluebonnet Park and Meadow View Nature Area have been seeded, but weather conditions can affect the blooms of the seeded areas. All the other areas along the trails in Ennis are not seeded and are completely natural to the area. Mother Nature is in control of how many flowers we get each year. So please check the status of the trails before driving long distances.
  • Can I pet the animals on the trail?
    For your safety, please do not pet the animals on the trails. The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails are located in the countryside of Ellis County. There is not a leash law for pets in Ellis County so please be careful. If you come across a dog along the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail, please do NOT pick them up. They are not stray dogs. They are farm dogs that roam the pastures and fields.
  • Can I fly a drone on the trail?
    You can not fly a drone over private property. Authorities will be called.
  • What is Bluebonnet Etiquette?
    While you are enjoying the trails, please respect private property. Do not climb fences, open gates, or block driveways, and do not litter. If the private landowner has a sign that says “you may enter”, only then may you do so. Also, please do not trample the flowers. If taking pictures, stay in the path that has already been established to preserve the fields. Thank you!
  • Is there a fee to drive the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails?
    No, there is no admission fee to drive the trails. It is free.
  • Where can I get reports and sightings for the entire state of Texas or Texas Wildflower Report or similiar Facebook sites.
  • Will the bluebonnets come up in the same locations year after year?
    No. Each year is different. Blooms vary on each trail year to year so always check our website for an updated bluebonnet status and directions.
  • What does it mean when the trails are open?
    Our Ennis Bluebonnet Trails are scheduled to be open during April as this is when the trail signs are up and maps are available at 201 NW Main St, Ennis, Texas 75119. During Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival (April 19-21), you may also pick up a map at the Ennis Garden Club Tent located on Dallas St.
  • Can you recommend a place to have a picnic?
    Visit one of the local parks and/or playground areas.
  • Are there restroom facilities along the trail?
    There are portable restrooms in Bristol located at the Bristol General Store and at Meadow View Nature Area. The Ennis Veterans Memorial Park, Bluebonnet Park, and Minnie McDowall Park (119 N Dallas), and the Ennis Welcome Center (201 NW Main St) have public restrooms.
  • Anything I should be cautious or aware of out on the trail?
    Drive safely out on the trails. Watch for stopped vehicles, children, and animals. While the roads used for the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails are public roads, the properties themselves are privately owned. As such, trails should be enjoyed from the safety of your vehicle unless a property owner has a sign posted stating otherwise. If you would like to get out of your vehicle to enjoy bluebonnets up close, please do so at the public areas that are listed on the map. If you do get out of your vehicle, please watch where you sit, stand or step. It is the country and there may be critters, ants, and cow paddies. IF YOU ARE TRAVELING THE TRAILS ON SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 13, 2024, please be cautious of bicyclers. There is a large organized bicycle ride (Lancaster Country Ride) traveling through the NORTH TRAIL in the morning. We advise that you avoid the North Trail until after 12pm. Thank you.
  • Are there trash cans along the trail?
    It is recommended that you take a small bag for trash. Please do not litter along the trails.
  • Are step on guides available for tour groups?
    Yes, step on guides are available for $75 by reservation only and includes 1 guide for approximately a 2 hour tour. Be sure to save a space on your tour bus for 1 guide. All guides must be arranged in advance. Book your step-on guide today by clicking here!
  • What are the admission prices for the 2024 Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival?
    The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival is April 19-21, 2024. Admission prices are $5 for adults; kids 12 and under are free. No pre-sale tickets. Purchases at gate only.
  • Can we re-enter the festival the same day without paying another admission fee?
    Yes, you will be given a wristband when you purchase your admission. You can re-enter as many times as you want on that day. So feel free to come to the festival, then travel the bluebonnet trails and come back later in the day!
  • Are there ATM machines nearby?
    Yes, there are 3 ATMs available within 1 block of the festival.
  • Where do we enter the festival?
    There are three entrances to the festival. One is located on North McKinney St / West Baylor St. and the other on North Dallas St / West Ennis Ave and NW Main St / W Knox St.
  • Are dogs allowed at the festival?
    Yes, you can bring a dog, but the dog must be on a leash. No reptiles or exotic animals allowed.
  • Can I pick up a hard copy of the Bluebonnet Trail Map on the day of the festival?
    During festival hours, pick up a hard copy of the map at the Ennis Garden Club tent at the festival on North Dallas Street or pick up a a map at the Ennis Welcome Center (201 NW Main St.) Or you can download a copy of the map after April 1st.
  • What is the address of the festival?
    100 N Dallas St.
  • Where do I park for the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival?
    Limited parking is available along downtown streets, North Plaza Parking at 302 N Dallas St., and at the parking lots at 305 W Baylor St (corner of N Sherman and W Baylor), 104 N McKinney St, and 305 W Ennis Ave. Shuttles are available to and from Lions Stadium (1405 W Lake Bardwell Dr).
  • Are there shuttles that run to and from parking to the festival?
    Yes, you can park at Lions Memorial Stadium located at 1405 W Lake Bardwell Drive and get shuttled to the festival entrance at NW Main and Knox St. This is to the festival only. This does not take you on the Bluebonnet Trail.
  • What are the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival hours?
    Festival hours are Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20 from 10am - 9pm. Sunday, April 21 from 10am - 6pm.
  • Where can I purchase official Ennis Bluebonnet Souvenirs?
    Souvenirs can be purchased at the Ennis Garden Club tent during the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival or at the Bluebonnet Spirit Shop 204 W Knox St. The rest of the year, souvenirs are available during business hours at the Bluebonnet Spirit Shop located 204 W Knox St.
  • Can you recommend lodging nearby?
    Yes, click here for lodging.
  • Can you recommend restaurants nearby?
    Click here for restaurants.
  • Are outside food and drinks allowed at the festival?
    No outside food, drinks or coolers allowed. Food and beverages are available for purchase inside the festival.
  • What children's activities will be available at the festival?
    Carnival rides and more coming soon!
  • Will there be seating available in front of the stage?
    Seating will be limited.
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